From an IDEA to Investor-ready START UP

in 12 weeks

90% of Startups fail.

At Next Idea, we understand that you’re not building a product, you’re building a business. We’re here to help.

Craig Miller is the Co-Founder and CEO at Next Idea LLC. Craig has worked in the software startup space for 30+ years. He’s worked in Big Tech, founded multiple companies, as both an in the trenches engineer and as a Chief Technology Officer.

Having observed that most new entrepreneurs make the same mistakes over and over he co-founded Next Idea to help brilliant clients like you take your idea and turn it into an investor ready scaleable business. Unlike many “coaches”, we don’t simply tell you what to do, we teach you how to do it, and provide technical and design support to insure you can produce deliverables.

Product Validation

The goal throughout the process of lean validation is to delay the expensive and time-consuming work of coding as late as possible in the process. It’s the best way to keep yourself focused, to minimize costs and to maximize your chance of a successful launch.

Market Fit

Product-market fit is a scenario in which a company’s target customers are buying, using, and telling others about the company’s product in numbers large enough to sustain that product’s growth and profitability. Research your target customers and Identify the size of the market before you move forward with development.

Brand Development

A strategic process of creating and distinguishing your company’s image, products and services from your competitors. We work to align your brand with your business objectives, to communicate your brand to your target market and to update or strengthen your brand as necessary.

Pitchdeck Perfection

Know what most investors are looking for. Design a perfect pitchdeck to get the attention of investors. Provide an overview of the business and demonstrates market fit and business potential. Keep information to a minimum and highlight the most relevant and important numbers and keywords to hit home stats, figures, and messages.

Craig Miller has the rare combined qualities of creativity and ability to deliver.

Scott Brady

CEO – Overland Intrnational, Inc.

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